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Social Enterprise



Through our team of qualified and experienced Social Enterprise Advisers, Leafhopper Enterprise Support Ltd delivers social enterprise support to many individuals and organisations wishing to set up a new social enterprise as well as those already trading with social objectives

Many organisations are considering restructuring their operations to work to a social enterprise business model, such as charities and voluntary organisations.  Professionals in local authorities and other public bodies often look for support to implement local social enterprise and staff mutuals initiatives. 

We have a wealth of experience working within businesses and the voluntary sector and have managed delivery of a number of key projects. We deliver a portfolio of training courses and supported learning programmes around the Enterprise Business Model and we promote good practice in the delivery of social enterprise support. 

Leafhopper is able to undertake business reviews for existing business and supports your forward planning to make your business a success.

Leafhopper advisers are all experienced in delivering support and have practical experience in the running of social enterprises in their advice role.  They work to industry standards, including client confidentiality and continuing professional development and focus on positive action planning to take your organisation forward. 

If you would like more information on how we can help your business please contact us.