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About Us


Based in three locations in the UK, Battle, Maidstone and Retford Leafhopper Enterprise Support Ltd provide a UK service to its customers.

Our three directors Peter Ananicz, Barbara Beaton and Jane Morgan have many years' experience of working in industry and the social economy and are qualified in their areas of expertise



Leafhopper Enterprise Support Ltd was established in 1999, from e421 Ltd. Its focus on developing and designing websites, applications that combine cutting edge technology and creativity to provide outstanding benefits for its customers.

We have a proven track record in designing websites that look clean and professional and also achieve maximum performance across all of the main search engines, including Google.

Strong project management processes, accessibility standards and aftercare support mean risk free projects. We have structured our offering, approach and services so that we can start with the smallest on a scalable platform, and meet your needs as you expand customers, products and sales to manage the requirements as you grow.

Our work in providing business support offers a range of support intervention, including training and workshops, coaching and facilitation, one to one advice about business start and development.  We are specialists in development of social economy and social enterprise business models and measurement of social impact and value.

* Leafhopper had been a partner in the DTI's initiative "UK Online for Business" as acknowledged experts in the use of ICT especially for its use by small organisations. The initiative was deemed a success and integrated into the DTI mainstream organisation.

* Leafhopper has been invited to project manage and quality assess multi-partner projects

* Leafhopper directors have input national initiatives for development of Code of Good Impact Practice.